H0601, Gjørstads Gate 3, Oslo 0367


Our outer world is a reflection of what lies within our collective inner worlds. By directing our thoughts in specific, positive ways, we have the potential to guide the world towards becoming a more loving, safe, and peaceful place.

You are invited to join us and spend time radiating peace, love and care to our world. All the Brahma Kumaris centres around the world set this time aside to give vibrations of peace to the world.

This is a good opportunity for more experienced meditators to have a longer meditation.

If you are new to us, please arrive by 18:15 so we can explain what we are doing. If you have meditated with us before, please arrive before 18:30.

Music and commentaries (in English) guide you towards feelings of peace for yourself and the world.

This event is free. Registration is not needed, please just come and enjoy.