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This on-line course has five sessions, one per week.   It will be delivered in English.  Note the times are CET.

Participants for this course must have completed the introductory meditation course before taking this course since it relies on an understanding of all of those concepts.

True self-esteem is when, no matter what life throws at you, you can respond positively. You can manage it with ease because you value yourself and you can naturally feel worthy of being happy.

With true self-esteem, you can progress in life with spirituality, empowerment and self-leadership. True self-esteem is your natural condition.  This course looks at removing the blocks to self-esteem using a range of spiritual and psychological tools.

The True Self-esteem course includes::

  • Understanding self-esteem and understanding yourself
  • Accepting yourself  and your emotions
  • Dealing with Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs)
  • Understanding and dealing with what keeps self-esteem low
  • Creating positive power

Some feedback from previous participants:

  • My self-esteem shot up 100%.
  • ... my self-esteem is now at its peak.
  • The ideas are really simple but extremely effective.
  • I think it was really inspiring.
  • Increased scores significantly on all parameters.
  • For me most useful course ever in self-development.

Each session is 90 minutes, one per week. The course is given in English.  

This course is free. Voluntary contributions are accepted (account 9802 16 99942, VIPPS 4734 2976). 

Link information and worksheets for the first session will be sent to you when you register (below).

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